Oct 2, 2019
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Programme Directors

Prof.  R Rajesh Babu & 

Prof. Sumanta Basu

Dubai, UAE and IIM Calcutta campus, Kolkata

Facilitator at Dubai
eSquare Academia, Dubai

One Year

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Select Full-time Faculty from IIM Calcutta

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Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

Executive Programme in Business Management International

Executive Programme In Business Management International from IIMC Dubai

The world is shrinking, while global business is expanding. Raw materials, parts, labour, and designs are sourced from various countries and continents to create technology that is only bringing the world together. Each of them is a result of ever-changing regulations, economy and values, belonging to its place of origin. However, these complex chains can rapidly become inefficient without experts creating and managing worldwide sourcing, exchange, and collaboration. Today’s global business networks are made feasible only by international business people.

Understanding the world in an international context is critical in an interconnected society. Companies are increasingly looking for experts who can address cross-cultural issues and think globally. IIMC’s Executive Programme In Business Management International gives you a big-picture mindset, helps you pay close attention to details, and instils an interest in both global viewpoints and local challenges, while improving your analytical and communication skills.

The scope of work in the field necessitates expertise in a variety of arenas, including economics, management, law, and language.

International business is all about the trade of products, services, technology, and capital across national borders and on a global or transnational scale. It also relates to an exchange of products and services between two (or more) countries beyond national borders. Yet, even autonomous domestic enterprises have international elements embedded in them due to the global integration of industries. These could include cross-border supply networks, foreign staffing, retail stores and much more that involve the import of wholesale goods from other countries, hiring of labourers on temporary visas, outsource marketing to foreign contractors to sell it to international clients and others. Because of this globalisation, international business talents can be used in settings other than foreign and multinational corporations, as well.

Why study an Executive Programme in Business Management from IIM?

International business management deals with the administration of operations in an organisation that serves multiple markets and operates in various countries. The work necessitates a level of expertise that goes beyond what is expected in a typical corporate setting. It demands knowledge of local markets, the legal and financial landscape, industry competition, multi-currency transactions, and cross-border business management. Professionals in this field clearly need a more advanced skill set than those who manage businesses within national borders. It involves a deep and comprehensive awareness of the global business landscape. That is why IIMC’s Executive Programme in Business Management in Dubai helps you gain all of the abilities you’ll need to get RE-started in your career.


World markets are diverse.
Because of the many factors that influence it, such as operational structures and environmental conditions, the international market is constantly evolving. The world has become smaller and more accessible as a result of technological advancements; the economy is now globalised, and firms are making more international acquisitions and transactions than ever before. As a result, employers are always on the lookout for highly-qualified expertise that can handle such transactions.

The number of global or multinational corporations is growing.
Multinational corporations (MNCs) are growing and fast becoming an important element of the global market. Thus, learning more about them will only help you stand out to potential employers. Global disasters, as well as big events in politics, trade, or law, have an impact on all types of enterprises, both domestically and internationally. Even if these organisations don’t operate globally, business executives can’t afford to ignore what’s going on in the industry. Nations, too, cannot plan their economic policies without considering the global economy. Foreign policy is important in international company management when it comes to money, investment, and trade laws.

An advanced Global Executive Programme in Business Management is imperative

Global trade is evolving into a specialised sub-discipline and with each passing day, the corporate world is also expanding and developing. If you want to work across borders, you must first learn and study business in a global setting. This will help you get a better grasp of diverse cultures, markets, and businesses especially when you are exposed to global business management. Most importantly, it enables learners to comprehend how globalisation has increased worldwide connectivity. All of these crucial factors make professionals who have a strong grasp of international business education more appealing to future employers.


The programme will be offered through face-to-face interactions in a classroom environment. The pedagogy will
be highly interactive. Depending on the course, lectures will be enriched with case studies, corporate examples, live projects and general discussions. The programme will be spread over 1 year and will be offered through weekend classes in Dubai on Fridays and Saturdays on pre-notified dates. There will also be a module of the programme spanning 8 days at the IIM Calcutta campus. During these campus visits, participants will get a flavour of campus life at IIM Calcutta and sessions will be held on recent and topical subjects in business management.

  • Economic Environment and International Trade
  • Marketing: Concepts and Strategy
  • Global Operational Excellence
  • Leadership, People Management and HR Strategy
  • Global Policy and Regulatory Framework
  • Corporate Finance
  • Strategic Management
  • Managerial Communication
  • Industry 4.0, Technology and Digital Strategy
  • Management Games
  • Applicants should be working professionals/self-employed
  • Graduates (10+2+3) / post graduates in any discipline with min. 50% marks [aggregate -considering results of all years (In exceptional cases the 50% criteria may be waived. However, such candidates would be interviewed to determine their suitability for the programme.)]
  • Minimum 5 years of work experience (full-time paid employment) post completion of graduation as on Application Closure Date.

Participants will be evaluated on the basis of examinations for the courses. Examinations/evaluations will be held on select Fridays or Saturdays in Dubai and at IIMC Campus.
Participants will be given any one of the following grades: “Excellent”; “Good”; “Fair”; or “Poor.” The cut-off marks for the grades will be revealed, but not the actual marks obtained.
Those getting not more than two “Poor” grades will get a certificate of successful completion of the programme and the course-wise grade list will be mentioned in the certificate.
Those getting more than two “Poor” grades will get only a certificate of participation in the programme. In such cases, the grade list will not be provided with the certificate.


Middle Managers with minimum 5 years of experience, currently working in the Middle-East.


One Year


220 contact hours (Approx) including inauguration


September 2021


Days: Total 36 days (full day) ; of which 28 days in Dubai on select weekends (Friday & Saturday) and 8 days at IIM Calcutta.


Programme materials will be procured and forwarded to participants by IIM Calcutta. Distribution of study material will be by default through the electronic medium

  • Written Tests
  • Assignments
  • Online Exam
  • Others

Interested candidates are requested to submit the completed application form and all required documents at the stipulated time, in order to prepare the application for review by the Admissions Committee.

Please make an online application or apply off-line using the download as editable pdf. Be sure to type or print legibly and sign your application. If an off-line application, please mail as an attachment to the specified email id.
Mailed applications are processed and acknowledged promptly upon receipt via email.

IIM Calcutta and eSquare Academia reserve the right to foreclose applications depending upon exhaustion of seats.


We acknowledge receipt of all applications and maintain all application information in strict confidence. The Admissions Committee will review applications and qualified candidates are interviewed. Selected applicants are informed and admitted on a rolling, space-available basis. Once the review process has begun, applicants are notified within a minimum time period via email regarding Admissions Committee decisions.


You may fill in the enrollment form attached (you may also download it from our website) and email us a scanned copy or submit it in person at our office.
Besides, you may choose to enroll online at our website, www.esquareacademia.net. As for fee payment, you can choose from a bank transfer, a cheque (account payee only, in the name of eSquare Academia FZLLC).

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Company/Payee name: eSquare Academia FZ- LLC Bank: National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah, P.O. Box- 1531, Dubai, UAE Account: 0322075768001 IBAN: AE800400000322075768001 Swift: NRAKAEAK


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