Executive Programme (EPBMI-7)

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    The Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC) was established as the first national institute for Postgraduate studies and Research in Management by the Government of India in November 1961, in collaboration with Alfred P. Sloan School of Management (MIT), the Government of West Bengal, The Ford Foundation and Indian industry. During its initial years, several prominent faculty formed part of its nucleus, including Paul Samuelson, Jagdish Sheth, J. K. Sengupta among others. Over the years, IIMC has grown into a mature institution with global reputation, imparting high quality management education. It has been playing a pioneering role in professionalising Indian management through its Postgraduate and Doctoral Level Programs, Executive Training Programs, Research and Consulting Activities.

    Today, the institute serves as an autonomous body, continuously evolving to meet its goals in an ever-changing business environment.

    The vision of the Institute is to emerge as an International Centre of Excellence in all facets of Management Education, rooted in Indian ethos and societal values. Over the past four decades, IIM Calcutta has blossomed into one of Asia’s Best Business Schools. Its strong ties to the business community make it an effective mechanism for the promotion of professional management practices in Indian organizations.

    Today, IIM Calcutta attracts the best talent in India – a melting pot of academia, industry and research.

    The best and brightest young men and women pursue its academic programmes.

    The main thrust of the training is to imbibe a sense of strategic outlook to management problems in the students. The emphasis, therefore, is on management as an integrated process and requires the students to develop a global view of economic, technological, cultural and political environment of the business.

    IIMC has a very strong alumni base, which makes it unique among the top management institutes of the world. IIMC alumni are occupying leadership positions as corporate managers, academicians and successful entrepreneurs, worldwide. The alumni maintain a close relation with the Institute, helping each other in their growth.


    As the world advances into the twenty first century, managers face the challenge of increasing competition due to the globalization of business and economy. Salient changes witnessed are the deregulation and liberalization of economies, changing industry structures, mergers, acquisitions & alliance formations to sustain growth, privatization, technological advances, changes in the consumer preferences and lifestyle, and emergence of new forms of organization & management practices.

    In an era of continuous changes, managers need to equip themselves with new skills and resources needed to manage their enterprises in the midst of a turbulent environment. These skills will help the managers to assume greater responsibilities through career advancement based on knowledge, skills and competence.

    The Executive Programme in Business Management –International is designed to provide managers and professionals with a broad overview of the key concepts, tools and techniques needed to successfully meet the challenges of today’s global business environment. Individual courses will give participants the knowledge needed to work cross functionally within the organization and become more skilled in the basics of business management.

    • Marketing Management
    • Organization Behaviour
    • Microeconomics
    • Macroeconomics
    • Corporate Financial Reporting
    • Human Resource Management
    • Operations Management
    • Corporate Finance
    • Strategic Management
    • International Business
    • International Law
    • Business Simulation

    The programme will be offered through face-to-face interactions in a classroom environment. The pedagogy will be highly interactive. Depending on the course, lectures will be enriched with case studies, corporate examples and general discussions.

    The programme will be spread over 1 year and will be offered through weekend classes in Dubai on Fridays and Saturdays on pre-notified dates. There will also be a module of the programme spanning 8 days to be conducted at the IIM Calcutta Campus.


    Participants will be evaluated on the basis of examinations for the courses. Examinations/evaluations will be held on select Friday evenings in Dubai and at IIMC Campus. Participants will be given any one of the following grades: “Excellent”; “Good”; “Average”; or “Poor.” The cut-off marks for the grades will be revealed, but not the actual marks obtained.

    Those getting not more than two “Poor” grades will get a certificate of successful completion of the programme and the course-wise grade list will be mentioned in the certificate. Those getting more than two “Poor” grades will get only a certificate of participation in the programme. In such cases, the grade list will not be mentioned in the certificate.


    Middle Managers with minimum 5 years of experience, currently working in the Middle-East.

    • Applicants should be working professionals/self-employed
    • Graduates (10+2+3) / post graduates in any discipline with min. 50% marks [aggregate -considering results of all years (In exceptional cases the 50% criteria may be waived. However, such candidates would be interviewed to determine their suitability for the programme.)]
    • Minimum 5 years of work experience (full-time paid employment) post completion of graduation as on Application Closure Date.

    One Year


    220 contact hours (Approx) including inauguration


    Inauguration – January 2020


    Days : Total 36 days (Full day) ; in that 28 days in Dubai on select weekends (Friday & Saturday) and 8 days at IIM Calcutta campus.


    Books and Cases will be procured and forwarded to students by IIMC

    • Written Tests
    • Assignments
    • Online Exam
    • Others

    Interested candidates are requested to submit the completed application and all required documents at the stipulated time, in order to prepare the application for review by the Admissions Committee.

    Please make an online application or apply off-line using the download as editable pdf. Be sure to type or print legibly and sign your application. If an off-line application, please mail as an attachment to the specified email id. Mailed applications are processed and acknowledged promptly upon receipt via email. IIM Calcutta and eSquare Academia reserve the right to foreclose applications depending upon exhaustion of seats.


    We acknowledge receipt of all applications and maintain all application information in strict confidentiality.

    The Admissions Committee will review applications and qualified candidates are informed and admitted on a rolling, space-available basis. Once the review process has begun, applicants are notified within minimum time period via email regarding Admissions Committee decisions.