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About IIMC

Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

No:1 B - School in India 2022*
FT Executive Education World Ranking - IIM Calcutta # 2 in India and # 59 in the world.

The Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC) was established as the first national institute for Postgraduate studies and Research in Management by the Government of India in November 1961, in collaboration with Alfred P. Sloan School of Management (MIT), the Government of West Bengal, The Ford Foundation and Indian industry. During its initial years, several prominent faculty formed part of its nucleus, including Paul Samuelson, Jagdish Sheth, J. K. Sengupta, among others. Over the years, IIMC has grown into a mature institution with a global reputation, imparting high quality management education. It has been playing a pioneering role in professionalising Indian management through its Postgraduate and Doctoral Level Programs, Executive Training Programs, Research and Consulting Activities.

*BT-MDRA Survey 

Stars are far, and those who are determined to reach out to the stars must fly. And flight isn’t impossible; soaring into the skies of glory, rising above the vast plains and seas of mediocrity, reaching the stars and being one among them, are all perfectly within the reach of determined humans. It just takes learning. Icarus, perhaps the first man to believe humans could fly, wasn’t bad at the craft at all; he just missed a good coach.
In fact, eSquare Academia is a company founded on that single, simple belief: people can fly, if they are coached to master the craft. Every super performer deserves a super coach, doesn’t he? And, let’s be clear, to be a star-reacher, one has to fly, but one doesn’t have to fly necessarily in flying, one may choose to soar high in any human pursuit. We are a small company; we are not equipped to take up the task of helping people master flight in all pursuits of humans. We just picked management. That is to say, we took it up as our mission to bring super coaches within the reach of determined star-reachers in management, helping them master the craft of flight in the field.




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