Dubai, The Education City Of The Middle East

Dubai is too dynamic and multi-faceted for words; if you are familiar with Dubai, you will find these few lines incapable of capturing it. From the days the Venetian pearl merchant Gaspero Balbi found Dubai (Dibei, as he chose to record) a significant pearl-fishing centre, late in the sixteenth century, the city has undergone never-ending waves of transformation. Today, Dubai is often called ‘the nucleus of the Arabian Gulf region’, an important ‘trade, tourism and logistics hub’, ‘one of the fastest growing cities on earth’, ‘one of the most sought after shopping destinations’, and ‘the number 1 global city of the middle east’ offering the region’s highest quality of life. Dubai is also one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, home to a population of two hundred nationalities.
This is hardly surprising considering Dubai’s location, besides its stable and peaceful political climate; Dubai can be reached by 4 billion people, or about two third of humanity, in less than 8 hours of flight-time. This gleaming city that remains sun-kissed through the year, with excellent infrastructure, where everything is fast and rapid, (except the sluggish creek, to which it perhaps owes its name) certainly can handle a good deal of hyperbole with a straight face, as it indeed is something to marvel at. However, such a long trail of epithets often serve to make some important aspects of Dubai go unnoticed; such as it certainly is also the Education City of the middle east.
Dubai Knowledge VillageConsidering the number of Universities operating in Dubai alone (well over twenty five Universities from across the world) one might even go one step further, and would insist Dubai is well on its way to becoming the academy of the eastern hemisphere. After all, how many cities make it possible for a resident to attend universities from eight different nations? This is Indeed well supported by Dubai Knowledge Village, and Dubai International Academic City, two unique projects that make world’s best educational infrastructure available to Dubai’s educational fraternity, while ably assisting Dubai’s next transformation into a knowledge-based economy and a world class educational city.