Long Duration Programmes


What are long duration programs?

The Long Duration Programmes of IIM Calcutta create opportunities for working professionals to get exposure to different facets of general management or specific functional areas. These programmes give professionals the opportunity for in-depth learning of management concepts and practices through programmes spread over six to twelve calendar months.

Who conducts the classes?

All classes are conducted by IIM Calcutta faculty. Industry experts are sometimes invited for sharing their valuable experience.

What is the teaching methodology?

Face-to-face sessions held at the energizing ambience of our campus through multiple periodic visits of the participants and also in Dubai. The pedagogy is highly interactive and incorporates expansive teaching methods and approaches. Depending on the course, lectures are enriched with real life case studies, corporate examples and general discussions.

What certificate do we get?

A certificate of successful completion is provided upon completion of all requirements of the programme. All examinations and evaluations related to the certification are carried out by IIM Calcutta

Will I be getting an alumni status after I complete?

After the successful completion of the programme, the participant receives an MDP Alumni status and is provided log in details for accessing the IIM Calcutta alumni portal.

Will I be getting an alumni status after I complete?

Participants graduating from foreign universities can also apply. The final selection is at the discretion of the Programme Directors of the particular programme.

Are there any entrance examination / interview conducted?

Some programmes have entrance examinations / interviews. The details are given in the programme description page.

Can I access the institute’s library facilities?

Participants can access the Institute’s library facilities when they visit the campus for the campus modules.

What is campus visit?

The campus visit is a crucial part of each programme. It facilitates in-class experience of face-to-face sessions. Participants not only get the opportunity to meet the faculty members and network amongst themselves, they also get a chance to immerse in the rich academic environment of the Institute. It is especially required for some courses which are best delivered by direct interactions with the faculty and amongst the participants. The duration of each campus visit and the number of campus visits vary from programme to programme.

Where is accommodation provided during campus visits?

During the campus modules, accommodation is provided to the participants in the new Management Development Centre which has well-furnished air-conditioned rooms, all provided with seamless internet connectivity, intercom facility, private verandas and en-suite bathrooms. There are study areas and social spaces open to the entire community in the campus. The participants can also avail the library facilities while on campus.

What is the method of evaluation?

Participants are evaluated on the basis of an appropriate combination of examinations, assignments, projects, and class participation for each of the courses. For every course the participants are given any one of the following grades: “Excellent”; “Good”; “Average”; or “Poor”.

Short Duration Programmes


What is eSquare Academia?

eSquare Academia is a company based in Dubai Knowledge Village. It is in the business of Executive Education. That is to say eSquare Academia organises and markets various educational programmes for company executives (middle and senior managers) and entrepreneurs.

What is an MDP?

MDP is short for Management Development Programme. It is a type of executive education. These programmes are short, participatory sessions conducted by renowned academic and professors. The objective of each programme is to impart knowledge about a specific management-related topic. They cover all core aspects of management, including, strategy, marketing, finance, human resources and operations, and are generally very specialised.

Is an MDP just a class?

No. Our management development programmes are significantly participative and often include discussions, assignments and presentations by participants.

What are the eligibility criteria for admission into an MDP?

As said earlier, these programmes are meant for working managers of middle and senior level or entrepreneurs with some hands-on experience. However, we do not enforce any specific academic or professional qualification. Familiarity with the elementary concepts of the chosen management-topic is expected.

Where are the MDPs held?

All eSquare Academia’s MDPs are held at premium banquet facilities. Currently we offer these programmes only in Dubai.

Who conducts the sessions of MDPs?

We have academic partners. These are generally world-class business schools and renowned academics from these institutes run the sessions. However, on some very specialised topics we also use the expertise of independent individuals who are experts and have had distinguished careers.

What is IIMC?

IIMC is short for Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. It is a renowned management school in India, located in Calcutta. It is one of our academic partners. More information about IIMC can be found here.

What is the duration of an MDP?

They are typically conducted over two or three days.

How much does an MDP cost?

This varies for each MDP, and the fees are generally announced along with other details on this page.

Do I need leave from work to participate in an MDP?

This depends on if an MDP is run on week days or a weekend. We do try to schedule many of our programmes during weekends. However, an MDP may be fully or partially scheduled on business days. In such a case, a participant may require to be absent from work for two or three days.

How does one enroll for an MDP?

Information on current programmes can be found here. One may choose a programme and submit an online enrollment application. One may also download an application for, fill it in and send us a scanned copy. Fee may be paid by bank transfer, cheque/draft or by credit/debit card, or in cash at our office.

Are refreshments provided?
Yes. Lunch, and coffee are included.
May organisations make applications?
Yes, organisations may apply on behalf of employees, as long as an individual enrollment form is filed for each participant seeking admission.
Do you offer customised programmes to organisations?
Yes, we do offer tailor-made Management Development Programmes to corporate organisations so as to cater to their specific training needs. Please write to us at corporate@eSquareAcademia.com
Are there any scholarships available?
We are sorry; there are no scholarships or bursaries available at this time.
What do I do if my question is not covered on this page?
We are always happy to answer any of your queries. Please write to us by clicking here.