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eSquare Academia – SCHOLARSHIP

Life is a challenge. Set your rules. Discover your destiny

“Challenge is what enthrals me and free spirit is what I exhibit. “Never Give Up, Never Give In!” is a phrase that works miracles for me. “Courage and Conviction” has been a way of expression of myself.”

- Mal Ii Mastan Babu

The above quote by Malli Mastan Babu, describes best the personality of this unique person. Cut from an uncommon mould, the IIM Calcutta Alumni was special. He was an avid mountaineer, conquering all the major peaks around the world. From Asia to both the Americas, Oceania to Antarctica and Europe he has climbed them all. Unfortunately he died young, in one of his usual mountaineering expedition.

We are part of the environment; in fact we are the environment. Exploring our world is part of a crucial process of growing- up and gaining self- knowledge. When we explore our world we are simultaneously discovering ourselves. When climbing, Mal Ii Mastan was on a journey, a journey of self discovery Mountaineering is for the intrepid and the courageous. Once, someone asked George Mallory the British climber, why he wanted to climb Mount Everest his answer was simple ‘Because it is there’. The same principle must have driven Mal Ii Mastan. eSquare Academia based in Dubai is rooted in the concept of good mentoring. We believe that all of us are capable of extraordinary achievements, if proper guidance is given. As part of our academic outreach we have a network of academics and corporate professionals who gives leadership and motivational classes. Active exchange programmes with multiple schools is also a core area of our academics along with regular and challenging expeditions. Mal Ii Mastan was one among our associates, guiding us with his vast experience. The many years of our association have made us realise the value of this unique person. eSquare Academia is honouring the memory of Mr Mastan by setting up a scholarship in his name- The eSquare Academia Mal Ii Mastan Scholarship.

The personality of Malli Mastan speaks to us of strength, perseverance, humility, and courage, qualities much needed to battle the extreme elements in these heights, in order to reach the summit of the peak. eSquare Academia is helping others in treading thesame path.

MalIi Mastan, the man for whom no challenge was too chalIenging.

Milestones in the life of Malli Mastan

Born : Sep, 3rd 1974, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh

Academic :

  • 1992, Sainik School, Korukonda
  • 1996, B.E, NIT, Jamshedpur
  • 1998 M. Tech, IIT Kharagpur
  •  2004, PGDM, IIM Calcutta

Occupation : His field of work was as a Software Engineer

Passion :

A life of mountaineering

  • Jan 2005 – Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, In 3.5 days the fastest Indian summit
  • Feb 2005 – Mt. Aconcagua, Argentina, Fastest & solo summit first Indian
  • Feb- Jul 2006, – The power of 7, 7 continents, 7 Summits, 7 months, 7 different days, Sunday through Saturday
  • May, Mt. Everest, Nepal, on Sunday
  • Jul, Mt. Denali, USA, on Monday
  • Jun, Mt. Elbrus, Russia, on Tuesday
  • Mar, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, on Wednesday
  • Jun, Mt. Vinson Massif, Antarctica, on Thursday
  • Feb, Mt. Aconcagua, Andes, on Friday
  • Apr, Mt. Kosciuuzsko, Australia, on Saturday

An unbeaten world record

  • Oct 2006  – First Indian on, Mt. Carstensz Pyramid, Oceania
  • Jun – Jul 2007 – 900 km Himalayan high altitude traverse trekking and climbing
  • Aug 2007 – Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Leads exclusive Indian team
  • Oct – Nov 2007 – 14 Half- marathons 14 states 14 days across India East to West, North to South A first for an Indian.
  • Dec 2007 – 8 full marathons, 3 half- marathons, 13 days, 10 states across India North and East, First and only Indian to achieve this feat
  • 2008 – 90 day high altitude trek of 1100 km from Mt. Everest to Mt. Kanchenjuga
  • Oct 2009 – Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, The only Indian to summit 6 times
  • 24th Mar, 2015 – Cerro Tres Cruces Sur, Andes  Perished here on the icy slopes His true home.